My Story

I focus on building beautiful, easy-to-use, and effective websites.

Hi, I’m Jason Tanner. I love traveling, coffee, and helping other business owners. I was born right here in Parkersburg, at St. Joseph’s Hospital. After attending first grade at Lincoln Elementary School both my parents joined the Air Force. Growing up, I got to move around a lot and see different parts of the world. That was probably the best education a young mind could have. I’ve lived in 5 countries on 4 continents and visited several others. My love of coffee comes from my very first taste of espresso after moving to the Azores islands of Portugal as a 17-year-old. Oh.. and I love creating small business websites.

I wasn’t always a web designer. I spent most of the last 20 years driving 18 wheelers, teaching others to drive them, and starting a slew of online businesses. It’s because of the online business ventures that I learned how to design websites.

I couldn’t afford the big web development agencies. When they heard about my limited budget, even the small boutique web design agencies stopped returning my calls. That left me with freelancers. But finding a good one is a full-time job in itself. I knew there had to be a better way to get a website built. And there was.

I learned how to do it myself. Along the way, I received support from a number of people, to whom I am grateful. Their support gave me the confidence to start my first web design agency, Bob Popular. And now, back at home in the Mid-Ohio Valley, I offer all of my experience and support to your business.

Parkersburg Web Design & SEO - Working Theory
My Approach

The user is the heart of every business website.

Your website is the foundation of your online marketing activities. Social media, ad campaigns, and all your other marketing strategies drive visitors to your website. The #1 goal of your website is to turn visitors into customers. In marketing, that’s called “conversion”.

A well-designed website will use these five fundamental elements to turn visitors into customers.

  • UI/UX
  • Visibility
  • Engagement
  • Aesthetics
  • Content

A good web design will use elements of UI/UX, color usage, buyer psychology, language, SEO, and of course, design theory. Skilled web designers, like myself, are well versed in all these areas, and keep up to date on the latest trends, technology, and research. Why? So we can design and optimize our work for conversions, and give you, our clients, the best ROI we can.


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How I Can Help You

Web design & SEO are my main services. I also do graphic design, social media post design, business card design, and print media design.

I have a 5 Star rating on Google reviews.

A 5-year journey isn’t especially long, but I’m proud that my dedication and efforts have been recognized along the way.

Web Design


Selected Work

A sample of my client work, including website design & development as well as some logo & graphic design work from the last 5 years. 


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