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Mike contacted me through an old friend, very late one night. He was distressed because he hadn’t had any calls for a week, and it was hurting his business. He realized that his website had been down all week, and he couldn’t reach the freelancer who had made it for him. The guy was out of business, and Mike needed someone to help him fast.

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About The Project

The truth was that Mike hadn’t kept the original vector file of his logo, or was never given one. Neither did he have a recent website backup file that I could install. He didn’t have the images, graphics, or text of the site either. What he did have, was the login information to the hosting account. 

With the login information and my knowledge of archiving systems, I was able to get back the text of the website, and almost all of the images. I did, however, have to recreate the tiny low-quality logo image as a vector graphic so I could size it properly for the new website.

I got to work on Mike’s project as soon as we got off the phone, about 10 pm at night. It took a good few hours to find his text and images archived on the internet, and another hour or so to trace the vector of his logo. 

Then it was time to get to work on his new website. This took the bulk of the time and was helped enormously by the fact that I already had edited and sized images and text. By about 7 am the next morning I was finished. Mike woke up shortly after that to my text message informing him that his site was up and running already. That was the fastest I’ve ever completed a website, and I don’t expect I’ll ever come close to that time again. 

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