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About The Client

Chris got in touch during the planning phase of starting a new business. We had worked together before in the oilfields of South Texas, and he knew of my experience in business and web design in particular. Chris needed a business consultant AND a designer. Good thing he called me. Two birds with one stone. 

My Role

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About The Project

This project with Chris was well beyond the scope of what most web designers would take on. The fact is, most designers probably don’t have the experience to attempt it. The design aspect of the project wouldn’t be a problem, but Chris needed someone with experience in how to start and run a business as well. 

Chris had done his homework though and wasn’t slacking. His roadmap to start this business was mostly complete, but the gaps he did have were very dangerous ones for a new business. With my advice, Chris was able to fill in the rest of the picture and launch things off without too much trouble. 

The logo and icon designs for Chris were interesting. There was much discussion of color psychology and mental triggers. The final product speaks of his strength, reliability, and energy. 

Website images make or break you. Some companies won’t spend a nickel to get high-quality professional photos, and it shows. The main images for the DXT website are pretty fantastic. When a website looks this good it reflects back on the business itself. Site visitors are more likely to trust your business, associate you with professionalism, and purchase your services or products. 

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