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Parkersburg Web Design & SEO is a professional web design company serving businesses across Washington county. We help local Marietta businesses and those in Belpre, Matamoras, Veto, Beverly, Lowell, Lower Salem, Devola, Macksburg, and others. Our experienced staff develops WordPress, Squarespace, and Wix websites for your business. If you’re looking to sell online we offer several E-commerce solutions, including websites with WooCommerce. 

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Parkersburg Web Design & SEO is your best choice for local Marietta web design.

Parkersburg Web Design & SEO - Jason Tanner at work
Parkersburg Web Design & SEO owner Jason Tanner

I focus on building beautiful, easy to use, high-performing websites.

Hi, I’m Jason Tanner. I was born in Parkersburg, the heart of the Mid-Ohio Valley. After a lifetime of moving around the world, I’m now proud to be serving Marietta businesses with my web design experience. 

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The #1 Choice For Marietta Web Design Services

At Parkersburg Web Design & SEO I focus on designing and developing the most effective, easiest-to-use, and high-performing website for your Marietta business. You’ll find everything you need included in my 100% Done-For-You web design service. You’re never charged extra for a domain name, website hosting, email, SSL security, on-page SEO, and more.

I work with only the most trusted and relied upon platforms for your Marietta web design project, like WordPress, Wix, and Squarespace. If your business is ready to go beyond the average and move up to a Premium website design experience, I’m one of the only Marietta web design services using Webflow and EditorX. No matter the platform, you still get everything you need to look professional and achieve your business goals. All included.

Parkersburg Web Design & SEO has a streamlined Customer Onboarding process to make the process as easy as possible. It includes a Discovery Call & Audit, Roadmap, Wireframes,  Content & Creatives, Training, Launch, and Post-Launch activities. And when your project launches, my Handover Package has all the details of your ownership with your log-in information. And finally, all Marietta web design clients receive my free e-book “8 Steps To Increase Your Exposure On Google”. 

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Parkersburg Web Design & SEO - Jason Tanner, Owner
Jason Tanner

Experienced E-Commerce Marietta Web Design Services

There are several options Parkersburg Web Design & SEO can offer for your E-commerce website, most notably, WooCommerce and Shopify. Whether you’re selling physical goods, digital products, or services, our Parkersburg web design staff has the experience and skills to set up your online shop.

I also connect your online store to the major online payment gateways Square, PayPal, and Stripe so you can accept all major credit and debit cards in your e-commerce shop. Existing merchant accounts sometimes offer a way to integrate your online shop. Or you may also want to include options like Google Wallet, Apple Pay, Amazon Payments, or even accept BitCoin payments.

Affordable Marietta Web Design Services

If budget is a factor for your business, to save on costs, many business owners choose a pre-made template or theme and have some alterations made to suit their specific business needs.

WordPress, static HTML, Joomla, Wix, Squarespace, NicePage, Shopify, EditorX, and WebFlow all have pre-made templates or themes designed for most of the business sectors in Marietta. The options for pre-made WordPress themes and templates, in particular, are in the several thousand.

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Full-Featured Marietta Web Design

Since Parkersburg Web Design & SEO is a full-service web design and website developer serving Marietta you can expect the full array of options for your business website. That said, not every website needs every feature, and some features can even slow your website down significantly, which can hurt your Google ranking. Part of my process is determining which features you need and which you can do without.

Some of the more standard features businesses include web forms, picture slider, gallery, or carousel, video embedding, map integration, social media links, star ratings, icons, counters, testimonials, and toggles or accordions.

Lesser used, but easily available features include text or image animations, custom navigation menus, price tables, flip boxes, countdown timers, popups, reviews, certain Facebook integrations such as a like button, your feed, and comments, video playlists, and product hotspots for E-commerce stores.

Some businesses include Premium features like advanced custom fields, dynamic content, filtering, booking, etc., which are also available for more complex web design projects. For instance, real estate agents/brokers, car lots, hotels, home services businesses like plumbers and electricians, etc.

Fast and knowledgeable. Jason was awesome! Great customer service they provided me with everything I needed and wanted to start my company’s website I would highly recommend.
Hector Holguin
ROCA Enterprises
Jason helped me create an amazing website that has helped drive my auto detailing business past just having a social media presence into having that professional look needed to exceed. Fully recommend!
customer reviews
Aaron Whited
JSA Auto Detailing WV LLC
I can’t say enough good things about these guys. Unbelievable fast completion time. I was stuck, crashed my own website... They had me with the the time I woke up.
Mike Sena
Las Vegas PC Repair

The #1 Choice For Marietta Web Design Services

  • Discovery Call & Audit: The first step is research. We start with a Discovery Call to determine your goals and ideas for the project. Next, I audit your existing online presence to determine relevant obstacles and opportunities.
  • Contract: I lay out the details and scope of the project in writing, and give you a price breakdown, and payment schedule. Adjustments to any part can be made as required. We electronically sign the contract.
  • Initial Payment: I email your invoice with a link to make your first online payment. Once confirmed, I get to work on your project.
  • Asset Collection: This is where you upload to our shared Google Drive folder any specific assets you have that need to be used. Vector logo files, text, photographs, graphics, or videos.
  • Strategy & Roadmap: Next, we plot our strategy. A deep research dive into your competitors leads me to keyword research. After, I map out your page architecture and build website wireframes or mockups.
  • Content & Creatives: A good portion of the project time will be spent writing high-quality, unique, and relevant copy for all the main pages. I also design and edit all the needed creatives.
  • Build, Training, & Launch: Here’s my favorite part. I build a full, working development site to test functionality, so you can give that final thumbs up. Then I migrate the dev site to your live domain and train you and/or your staff on how to use everything. And finally, we publicly launch your new website.
  • Post Launch: Now that your business website is live, I still have a lot of work to do. There are frequent software patches and bug fixes to code, security updates, content changes, etc. And let’s not forget about SEO. You should get Citations listings, Inbound Marketing content, a Backlink strategy, etc. 

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